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The GCR Fiat Platform

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What is Gold Coin Reserve (GCR)?

Stable-Coin Function
A stable-coin function, which limits volatility to the ongoing fluctuations of the international spot gold price, by implementing constant market making services across all trading platforms (in addition to an actual commodity unpinning of the digital asset)
Unique use of blockchain’s mining function
This creates the self sustaining distributed ledger, thus removing the need for intermediaries in validating transactions. Where proof-of-work systems, such as Bitcoin, reward computational strength of arbitrary external miners (essentially an equation where computational strength and electricity are the main variables), Gold Coin Reserve rewards GCR holders for staking their coins and contributing to the network by validating transactions and providing another point of decentralisation.
10% Miner’s Rate of Return
The mining capacity for GCR coin holders who participate in the network is directly proportionate to the number of coins that are held and the maturity of those coins. A miner’s rate of return is up to 10% p.a compounded, depending on a variety of factors including node stability, network conditions, etc.
Contributing to business development of tokens
Digital assets that are built on this network will have to utilise the core GCR digital asset as gas for transactions, thus driving utility demand for the core blockchain GCR. However unlike Ethereum, the GCR network also provides business development services to the onboarding tokens, such as priority discounted listings on prominent digital asset exchanges.

The GCR Blockchain

  • Hybrid Chain
    Designed for interoperability, users can preserve a permission ecosystem in a private chain and communicate freely with the public chain. It gives greater control over transaction fees, custody of sensitive data, and compatibility with existing company networks.
  • Enterprise Grade Security
    Robust, built-in, and tested security features help reduce risks, i.e., from bespoke solutions. A plug-in framework makes it more resilient to human error and network attacks.
  • Account & Token Restrictions
    Tokens and other assets can easily be restricted from any account that meets determined criteria. It lets you easily create regulatory-compliant assets (such as financial products), IDs, and non-transferable votes.
  • Interoperability
    The network is interoperable to allow support of almost any business requirement. APIs ensure seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and processes and other networks and blockchains (i.e., DDK platform).
  • Multi-Level Multi-Signature
    Users can create multi-level, multi-signature accounts allowing more complex account set-ups. It enables use cases like account recovery, anti-fraud monitoring, and ordered multi-stage transaction approvals.
  • Aggregate Transactions
    The platform can merge multiple transaction Accounts into one by generating a single-use, disposable smart contract. The merging of transactions allows for trustless swaps, paying fees on behalf of a user, escrowed transactions, and many other easily configured business uses.

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