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The GCR digital asset, Alliance and Network

Gold Coin Reserve (GCR) is a tradable digital asset that is pinned to the price of 1 troy oz of gold. The GCR digital asset that sits at the core of the new GCR Network has a proof of stake function that allows wallet holders to mine the asset at a 10% annual return. Whilst the GCR Network is being battle-tested in the current hackathon and infiltration programs, the GCR digital assets operates on the Ethereum network and on the Binance Smart Chain. Users are rewarded for holding their assets in a variety of staking programs which allow the users to grow their asset at 10% p.a.. The GCR digital asset is traded heavily, with plenty of liquidity on Cointiger (approx. $30m USDT per day for the month of September, with a -2% depth of $120k+ USDT for the same month).
The GCR Alliance is an internal crypto-banking platform, accessible through our website https://goldcoinreserve.io/ via registration or directly without registration https://trading.goldcoinreserve.io/. Users of the platform can convert their GCR to any of the top digital assets (BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, LTC) through a flash conversion and will also be able to convert their GCR to any of its network variants. The GCR Alliance has also launched its fiat portal, which will allows users to buy crypto with fiat (bank deposit or credit card) and also sell their crypto to fiat - into their designated bank account. In addition to this, the GCR Alliance allows users to stake their digital assets in a variety of available staking programs.
The GCR Network is a blockchain protocol that is been built on central banking blockchain infrastructure by our development team, who are responsible for building the CBDC for The Bank of Lithuania and currently building protocols for several other national central banks. The network will allow for tokens to be built in a more legally compliant fashion, due to the inbuilt technical functions of the tokens themselves. Gas fees will be paid in the central token of the network, GCR. Currently there are 2 competitions that are conducted on the GCR Network test-net, the GCR Network Hackathon and Bug Bounty programs.
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